Card Game Project

For some time i am already working on a card game, with a temporary name: “Conquest Quest”.

In the game there are 11 races: Humanoids(not including the other humanoids with their own race),fairies,vampires,elves,forest creatures(it’s some magical forest in the cards’ world, it has monsters and animals that are more like humans in their actions),gnomes(includes their machines),voodoo(dark magic stuff),giants(all kinds of giants),dragons,swarm(they’re all based of bugs that were changed by some mystic process),and elementals(spirits in elemental forms of monsters or animals as you want).

Every race has it’s own map, and you need to conquer every race’s map by fighting the guards of every location there. 

There are also limited editions for some special cards.

Every race has it’s own 20 creatures and a few more cards that will cause an effect.

An example for a card :


And i work mostly on deviantART(my gallery here:

Now, for every supporter that comments and likes my stuff, i’ll let you make you’re own card for the game, by my design with you’re idea and description if you’d like.